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I began my interest in addiction treatment during my Family Medicine residency and my passion for treating patients with addiction has continued to grow as I completed a Fellowship in Addiction Medicine.   My vision is to have a direct relationship with each of my patients, helping those who struggle with heroin or other opiates, cocaine, alcohol, marijuana, pornography, gaming, binge eating, or any addiction.

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Frequently asked questions

What kinds of addictions are treated by Kick the Habit?

Short answer: Any kind! Common addictions include: - Opioids such as heroin or prescription pain killers - Sedatives like Xanax(R) or Klonopin(R) - Binge eating / Carb and sugar addiction leading to obesity - Methamphetamines and other stimulants - Cocaine - Marijuana - Nicotine - Sex / Pornography - Alcohol - Gaming, technology, internet - Anabolic Steroids - Gambling

Does Kick the Habit prescribe buprenorphine products like Suboxone(R)?

Yes! For patients that have opioid use disorder, we use a variety of medications, including buprenorphine producs like Suboxone(R), Subsolv(R), and Sublocade(R). We also prescribe naltrexone in pill form, as well as injectable form, called Vivitrol(R).

Are medications available to someone with a non-substance addiction?

Yes! For people who struggle with pornography or sex addiction, binge eating, gambling, or technology addiction, there are medication options. You don't have to simply grit your teeth and "try harder." Medications are a part of the treatment plan which also includes counseling, accountability, recovery support group meetings, and follow-up visits.

What if I have insurance? Do I still have to pay for the visit?

Depending on your insurance carrier, you may not need to pay anything for the visit. Additionally, most insurance companies will cover the cost of medications. Currently we are accepting self- pay patients as well as those who are covered with the following insurance carriers:

  • EMI
  • UT Medicaid (through UT County aDDAPT)
  • TriWest



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